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The Pardoner’s Diary

         I am known as The Pardoner. Selling promises of salvation and preaching is my occupation. I could care less if people take heed to what I say or not, it’s all about money to me. I would rather take the last penny from a widow and her starving family than give up my money. My theme is “Radix malorum est Cupiditas” which means greed is the root of all evil, and it remains the same. I live up to my theme very well.

         Many Pilgrims and I are in horse and bugie and on our way to Canterbury Cathedral. We are visiting the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket. Our host has decided that each of us is to tell a story to help pass time. After the doctor’s sad tale everyone is down and depressed. So the host has the bright idea to nominate me to tell a merrier tale. As always I resfuse until I’ve had enough to eat and drink. My fellow travelers prefer to hear a moral story. After a few drinks and getting tipsy I reveal the truth of who I really amand I am ready to begin my tale. I also plan to sell my fake relics to the rest of the pilgrims.

         My Moral Story

         Three rioters sit in a tavern to get a drink. They heard a bell to represent a body being carried to a grave. One of the revelers’ servants tell the rioters that he was an old comreade of theirs. The servant also tells them that the comrade was slain by Death. The rioters were infuriated and decided to find and kill Death.

         The rioters outrage in their drunkenness and decide to find and kill Death for their friend. They decided to work together and slay Death for one another. They did their pledges to live and die, each of them for the other. Not long after the rioters had been traveling, they came upon and old sorrowful man. The rioters asked the man “why are you still here in such great age?”

         The man replied and said “I keep my old age still, it shall be God’s will to take me away from this earth. Not even Death, my life will take.” The rioters insisted that the man tell them where this figure known as Death shall be found. The man pointed in the direction of an oak tree where he last seen Death.

         As the rioters rush to the tree, underneath they found not Death but gold and treasure. The rioters were estatic to find the gold with no owner in sight. They remember that if they carry the gold into town in daylight, they will be reported as robbers. They must transport the gold while most are laying their head to rest. In the meantime someone must run into town to fetch bread and wine. The youngest of the three goes to town to get food and drink. As soon as he leaves the other two plot to kill their friend to receive greater wealth. The youngest decides that he wants all the gold for himself. So he goes to the apothecary to buy poison to put in both of his friends’s drink. As the youngest returns to the tree with the wine and bread the other two attack and killed him.

         The two of them sit and celebrate. They each happen to pick up a poisoned bottle. Within minutes they were lying dead next to the youngest. So after all they completed one of the two goals that they had planned, they surely found Death. Unfortunatly they did not defeat Death. Death had tricked and defeated them easily. So therefore I conclude that all must beware the sin of avarice. It can only bring treachery and death. 

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